Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Love and its relation to existenc from views of Avicina, Suhravardi and Mola Sadra    M.Sc.    fattahi, vahid    2010-03-06
2    metaphysics in its particular sense in Sadoogh,altohid book(Proving the existence of Gad and oneness motheism)    M.Sc.    faghih, zahra    2010-06-10
3    A study of the principles of virtue ethics of Miskawayh and Naraqi from the Holy Qur'an’s point of view    Ph.D    mustafaei, muhammad    2010-06-21
4    limits and ranks of intellectual knowledge of God from the viewpoint of reason and tradition    M.Sc.    dorri, hora    2010-09-21
5    The Influence of Mystical Ideas on Causality in the Transcendental Theosophy    M.Sc.    Moosavi, Raheleh    2010-12-21
6    salvation from point view of Molla- Sadra    Ph.D    zangooei, ali    2011-05-22
7    Quranic Verses and Traditions on Genesis of Natural World    M.Sc.    shahi dehsorkhi, fatemeh    2011-06-15
8    The role of reason and imagination in artistic creation From the perspective of Islamic theosophers    M.Sc.    khanjarfalak, elaheh    2011-12-13
9    Philosophical Explanation of ‘Sustenance’ and its Relation with Human Being Achievement to Supreme Felicity    M.Sc.    ghomi, mohammad    2012-01-21
10    Philosophers and Theologians on Mental Being    M.Sc.    fazeli, Fereshteh    2012-02-17
11    wali and sainthood in mathnavi    M.Sc.    SAADI, EBRAHIM    2012-03-13
12    Goodness and Beauty in Islamic Theosophy and Mysticism from an Ontological and Epistemological Perspective    M.Sc.    soleymani, arezoo    2012-06-20
13    Explain How the Human Talents to Be Actualized and the Evolution of the Human Population after Death    Ph.D    tavakoli, najme sadat    2012-10-15
14    Challenging and its Relationship with Immortality of the Quran    M.Sc.    Taghizade, Raziye    2012-10-17
15    In the view of Rumi and Mulla Sadra investigate human intellect    M.Sc.    Rafiee Balasbaneh, Razieh    2013-02-05
16    Relation between God and the world from Ashaira`s and Mu`tazilia`s opinion(with emphasis on point view of Fakhre razi and Ghazi Abdoljabar mu`tazeli    M.Sc.    rajayi, somayeh    2013-03-12
17    The mainstream of Ibn Al-Arabi,Ibn Taimiyeh and Al-Gazel's Thinking opposition to Philosophy    M.Sc.    rezaeizadeh zangiabadi, asma    2013-04-30
18    The manner of communication of man with God from the perspective of Islamic mysticism and Islamic ethic    M.Sc.    eslami, raziyeh    2013-05-07
19    The Study of Unity of Being from the view Point of Molla Sadra and some Philosophers of Shiraz school (Jalal al Din Dawani and Ghias al Din Dashtaki )    Ph.D    zare, elahe    2013-06-11
20    Question in purgatory and resurrection    M.Sc.    sayedalhosaini Tabasi, BiBi Zahra    2013-06-11
21    A study of human beings kinds in connection to reward and punishment posed in qouranic verses and in tradifon depend upon viewpoint of islamic philosophers    M.Sc.    hasheme, efat    2013-10-29
22    Mulla Sadra & Leibniz On Knowledge    M.Sc.    parsa, hossein    2013-11-12
23    A Critical Study of Fakhr Razi and Allameh Tabatabaie's Ideas on the Verses Related to the Ahl-Albait in the Tafsire Kabir and Almizan    M.Sc.    dastani, marziyeh    2013-11-12
24    The rule of knowledge in growth of human soul in view of transcendental theosophy    Ph.D    pishbin, azam sadat    2013-11-17
25    A study on involuntary factors in development of human\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character and his end from the viewpoint of Quran and traditions    M.Sc.    Rahimpour, Ehsan    2013-11-21
26    mullasadra and nasafi on perfectman    Ph.D    hosseini, seyedeh somayeh    2013-12-07
27    A Critical Study on the Origins of Believe in Prim Matter    M.Sc.    azarboo, sattar    2014-01-14
28    The Ontology and Epistemology of Immunity in Quran and Traditions    M.Sc.    Afkhami roshkhari, Atefe    2014-01-14
29    The Relationship between The Soul and the supreme principles of being , and the way of accurrence of In tellectual Forms according to Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    Hajiniya, zahra    2014-01-14
30    The Process of Genesis and development of the Self or Personality in Ontologicl Philosophy of Mulla Sadra and Ontological Psychology of Rollo May    Ph.D    lal sahebi, tooba    2014-01-25
31    Philosophycall & theologicall explanation of right & righousness in quran    M.Sc.    Tavana, Effat    2014-02-25
32    The Truth of Knowledge, Faith and Practice from the Viewpoints of Martyr Motahhari, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli and Ayatollah Sobhani    M.Sc.    karimi hosain abad, parisa    2014-03-04
33    The nature of pleasure and pain of philosophers and theologians    M.Sc.    AbediDorcheh, Fatemeh    2014-03-04
34    The role of intellect in ethical education and transcendental spirituality in Quran and traditions    M.Sc.    shahdadi, zahra    2014-03-07
35    The comparability of knowledge,s sovl specially if sobjectivity throvgh egology of Hvscerl,s transcendental phenemology    Ph.D    madayen shishavan, seyed mohammad amin    2014-03-10
36    The truth of servitude to Allah and its speculative principles , and practical corrolarys.    M.Sc.    moshrefi, maliheh    2014-03-11
37    Properties of Seyyed Hossein Nasr`s religious studies    M.Sc.    maghsoudi mood, neda    2014-03-11
38    glorification of beings from the prespective of quran, traditions and transcendental theosophy    M.Sc.    hammami, samaneh    2014-03-18
39    theological methodology of sadough    M.Sc.    Zareei, Maryam    2014-04-14
40    The explanation of First issued from viewpoint of Islamic philosophy, mysticism and Traditions    Ph.D    bolkharighahi, hossein    2014-04-28
41    Sin from the point of view of Wisdom, Quran, Traditions    M.Sc.    alereza, asiyeh    2014-04-29
42    The Influences Of Logical Innovations On The Philosophical Explanations In The Mullasdra`s Transcendental Philosophy    Ph.D    zahiri mamaghani, seyed majid    2014-05-05
43    : Immaterial and non immaterial from view of Islamic philosophers (ibn sina, suhrawardi, mulla sadra    Ph.D    ranjbarzadeh, farzaneh    2014-05-19
44    A Sadraic resurrection record in Ibn-Arabi mysticism    Ph.D    nezakati ali asghari, mahdie    2014-06-02
45    the comparison of Ibn sina's and mulla sadra's on the conditions of knower and known    M.Sc.    hosseini, seyyed mohsen    2014-06-03
46    the theological Study of Imam Ali's (peace be upon him) generosities & super natural events.    M.Sc.    salehi, fatemeh    2014-06-03
47    the study of philosophers and theologians view points about necessity of religion.    M.Sc.    hamrahi, somayeh    2014-06-07
48    the role of sadra's authenticity of existence in theology    Ph.D    rahimpour shahmarvandi, farhad    2014-06-09
49    natural possibility in Transcendent Theosophy    M.Sc.    hosseini, sayyedeh zahra    2014-06-10
50    Love from the view of mysticism and philosophy    M.Sc.    GHABDIAN, MOHAMMAD    2014-09-16
51    Sadraee's Wisdom Exit of Ontology Dilemmas of Avicennian Wisdom    Ph.D    abedini kordekheili, feyzollah    2014-10-15
52    study of the unity of gradation and the unity of being and the Distinctions between them in alhikmat almutaalyah    Ph.D    shariatnejad, MOHAMMAD HASSAN    2014-10-20
53    natural human rights from the perspective of Molla sadra and its fundamentals    Ph.D    yazdanbakhsh, aliasghar    2014-11-08
54    The analysis critical of magic, from the perspective of transcendental wisdom, Islamic philosophers and the teachings of Islam    Ph.D    salari, mohammad    2014-11-10
55    Sublimity of the soul of Mulla Sadra and Imam Khomeini    M.Sc.    nobakht, fateme sadat    2014-11-11
56    Study Illuminative Relation and its consequences on the basis of transcendental philosophy    Ph.D    mohabbati, maryam    2014-12-01
57    Changing the person after death in this world From the perspective of Transcendent Wisdom    Ph.D    HASHEMI DOULABI, GHODSIEH SADAT    2015-02-16
58    Philosophical Interpretation of the vers ;Enna lelllah va enna elaihe rajeoun.(Surely we are Allah s and to Him we shall surely return.)    M.Sc.    hesabi meybodi, zahra    2015-02-17
59    species composition in islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Darvishi, Somayeh    2015-02-17
60    Mechanism of interaction between argument, Quran, mysticism and its consquences in transcendent theosophy of Mulla Sadra    Ph.D    jashannezhad, aziz    2015-04-27
61    A Study of Tafkik’s View on the God’s Activity    M.Sc.    kowsari, Reihane    2015-05-05
62    similarity of creator and creature in the quran and hadith and islamic philosophy    M.Sc.    Azimi, Azam    2015-05-21
63    The Philosophical, mystical and narrative foundations of the first effusion    M.Sc.    ghlizade, hamid    2015-05-26
64    A study of the substitutional perspectives of the principality of existence    M.Sc.    bagherpour kashani, vahid    2015-10-11
65    : Purification of the Imagination in Mysticism and Practical Philosophy    M.Sc.    tayyeban, said behrooz    2015-10-13
66    Explaining the knowledge of Imam from the Perspective of Traditions and Transcendent Wisdom    Ph.D    tahrirchi, nafise    2015-11-01
67    The position of Self-Knowledge in the System of Religious Knowledge in the Mulla- Sadra Transcendental Wisdom    Ph.D    azodinia, tahereh    2015-12-13
68    The study of the relationship between principles and specific ideas of Mulla Sadra in recognition of man’s soul(Substantial Motion, soul in unity of all the forces, The combination of union with the body)    Ph.D    TaheriVala, parisa    2016-01-03
69    Investigating interpretation Mulla Sadra of the verses of resurrection on the basis of Transcendent theosophy    Ph.D    Ghafarpour, Ali    2016-02-09
70    fatalism on world of zar    M.Sc.    Mokhtari, Yaghoub    2016-02-09
71    Mostafa Malekyan on Religion and Meaning of life: A Critical Study    M.Sc.    Rahimi shahrakht, Ali    2016-03-15
72    Infinity of necessary being; A study of principles and it’s consequence’s    M.Sc.    asadi, hojjat    2016-04-26
73    Compare the mechanism of appearance knowledge in peripatetic philosophy and illumination philosophy and transcendent philosophy    M.Sc.    davtalabmaiani, safoora    2016-05-24
74    Title of Thesis Platonic Ideas in Transcendence Philosophy in comprative view with Quranic verseses and Islamic narratives    M.Sc.    zohoorian moftakhare kazemi, samaneh    2016-06-13
75    Fundamentals of Personality Theory in Molla Sdra s View    Ph.D    SHEIKHNEZAMI, SAMANE    2016-07-03
76    investigation of the function of intelligence and religion in man' life and the relation between those two from Mollasadra'sviewpoint    Ph.D    khodabandeh bigy, malihe    2016-09-05
77    Study of Imam's knowledge of viewpoint of Allame Hilli (RA) , Allame Majlesi (RA) , Allame Tabatabaei (RA)    M.Sc.    saghi, elahe    2016-10-25
78    A study of philosophical opinions of theosopher Molla Rajabali Tabrizi    Ph.D    azadmoghadam, zeinab    2017-02-12
79    Analysis of basics of religious art along the presentation of modern thought in forming the philosophic essense of script    Ph.D    ohadi, zabihollah    2017-02-28
80    The Nature, Frequency, Equipment and Artifacts associated with death in Transcendental philosophy    M.Sc.    kazemzadehkalatejafarabad, fatemeh    2017-05-09
81    A survey of narrated attributes between philosophers and Theologians in Quran    M.Sc.    somayeh, ansari mohseni    2017-07-04
82    Philosophical analysis of recourse to perfect human and its role in the excellence of soul    M.Sc.    kalali, akram    2017-10-24
83    Explaining of Pleasure on Sadrā Principles and the Evidences of Quran and Traditions    Ph.D    Elahi Khorassani, Nafiseh    2017-11-22
84    Comparison of the theories of Henry Corbin and Allame Tabatabai about the perfect human and Imam Mahdi (aj)    Ph.D    hesammohamadi, zahra    2018-03-06
85    Virtues and Vices in Transcendental Wisdom    Ph.D    farashiani, hossein    2018-04-10
86    Resurrection from the point of view of Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi with search in his works and Hakim Zenouzi    M.Sc.    delkash, soheyla    2018-04-24
87    The critique of the philosophical presuppositions of the    M.Sc.    davudi moghdam, Abbas    2018-05-06